About Us

             One of the leading players in the South Indian Music Industry, Millennium Audios (Millennium) was born on the 2nd of April 2000 in Kerala. Today Millennium has grown to be one of the most recognizable names for Malayalees all over the world and has established a firm presence in the realms of music, movie as well as animation. What started as an entrepreneurial endeavor of a single proprietor has since extended its global outreach and is now a well-established company. Strong leadership, sincerity and impeccability in their work have been instrumental in propelling the company forward.
                 It is almost impossible for companies to keep pace with the exponential growth in technology that is characteristic of this day and age. Even so, Millennium has always tailored its products to match the requirements of the times. We started by producing audio music cassettes; but today our products are available as apps, on Google music, iTunes, and most online stores. Initially we focused solely on music albums, however today we produce video albums, ghazals, animations, classical music, movies, in fact we handle all categories of Audios and Videos. What is unique about Millennium, what sets us apart from the crowd is the fact that all our products are produced and marketed by us without any third party involvement. Now we are providing video programmes like Musical events in the name of Mehandi Ki Raat and Poppins, for Musical albums in the name of Love drops, For Animation programmes in the name of Lilliput, Tintumon Bakthi Malar, Memories etc…  for Channels  .  All of our content on various online platforms are uploaded and promoted by our company itself. This scope of involvement is unprecedented in the industry and we are proud to say that as of now we are the only company that handles all of this on its own.